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Hi there

Thanks for taking the time to come and find me in this corner of cyber space!

I am a mixed media artist which means that I create artworks from various media and love creating 3 dimensional items too.

I am particularly well known for creating Steampunk artworks, but I can create anything you want!

You can email me on belinda@acorncrafts.co.za if you would like me to create a bespoke project.

Here are some of my artworks:

Plein Air Painting Festival in Noordhoek 7 April 2018
 Both of these works are created in the Cape Point Vineyards on two 15"x 30" canvases

Work for Kirstenbosch Exhibition from 9 to 18 April 2018

The body of 9 12"x12" artworks 
 Groot Constantia Avenue 12"x16" on artist board and mounted
 Kirstenbosch Castle Rock 12"x12" on box canvas
 Groot Constantia, house on Klein Constantia road 12"x12" on box canvas
 Karoo Windmill  12"x12" on box canvas
 Table Mountain from Table View 12"x12" on box canvas
 West coast boat 12"x12" on box canvas
 Franschoek View 12"x12" on box canvas
 Easterncape Aloe 12"x12" on box canvas
 Kalkbay Lighthouse 12"x12" on box canvas
 Muizenberg Boxes 12"x12" on box canvas

This was privately sold to a friend in London
Groot Constantia Main house 12"x12" on box canvas

Sir Vape, Durban: Giant Hats for display approximately 40 to 45cm tall!

Truth Coffee, 36 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town
3,5m airship hanging in front of a 2m x 4m art installation

 The gondola of the airship is the building it hangs in and the fins are part of Truth's logo.

When CNN came to Cape Town to do a 24 hours special... they visited Truth... and homed in on my creation!  you can watch it here

These were created for a Restaurant called Steam.  They can be found at 5 Ryneveld Road, Stellenbosch.

 6 foot airship
 Mini Airship
 Mini Airship
 Lit up half an airship 3m long
 Pipework and objects in the exposed brickwork
 Floating suitcase shelves

 I created the half clock on the wall, the giant cogs on the ceiling and the artwork on the tables!

I created 7 massive modern artworks for a private house in Bishopscourt.  This house was recently featured on our local TV on a program called Top Billing  This is their advert and show 3 of the paintings for the full show where they show all 7 of my paintings

 4x 20"x20"
 12x 16"x16"
 4x  40"x50"

3x 12"x40" and  40"x50"

Finally I created some massive wooden artworks for an office in Westlake:
 This clock is made from MDF and is 2m 7cm in diameter

The Vitruvian man stands 1,8m tall!


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  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Your work is incredible!! Absolutely love, love, love it all!! Total steampunk heaven!!

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